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“Warm Fires & Dry Tents”

Four friends—exhausted from the day’s conquests—sit around a roaring fire as they swap stories, exaggerated to be sure. Any pause in conversation is the result of polishing off a pre-packaged meal or becoming lost in the never-ending sea of stars overhead.


“Bend Winter Nights”

Central Oregon is known for breathtaking Cascade Mountain views, Bend’s bustling downtown areas, and over 300 days of sunshine. Even when long winter nights cut the days short, the high desert has a picturesque mountain sky and an entertaining mountain town experience.


“A Winter’s Day by the Lake”

7700 years ago, Mount Mazama erupted and left only a caldera to be filled by centuries worth of rain and snow. Today, Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States. While not a permanent home to people, Mount Mazama was a place for prayer and vision quests of the Makalak people.


“The Capitol”

On Oregon Avenue, just east of Wall Street, sits a vintage theatre-style sign that harkens back to the days of speakeasies, cigarette-selling girls and jazz music. The sign announces The Capitol restaurant and bar, sitting below Patagonia and Blue Mountain Coffee.


“Barely There Ranch”

The drive west out of Redmond lays out like a history lesson of Central Oregon. Old barns dot the landscape waiting to crumble to the ground. 100 acre working ranches and farms sit next to the smaller, hobby farms and housing developments already divided in one housing boom or another. No where along highway 126 is the lesson more prevalent than the Barely There Ranch, complete with slices of yesterday scattered throughout.