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“The Rise of Whiskey In A Beer Town”

In 1919, as Prohibition kept United States in shackles, Central Oregon was gaining a reputation as “Oregon’s liquor cabinet.” Our wide open spaces and close-knit communities made the job of busting bootleggers a difficult one.


“Fly Fishing Central Oregon”

The contest begins with a plan. The warrior angler chooses his adversary and readies his weapons. The battlefield is named as he marches towards victory with a quiver of specifically-chosen flies, and perhaps most important of all, patience.


“The Musical Journey of Huckle”

“I came to the conclusion that if I was going to make a living playing music and be happy with that life experience, I needed to focus all my energy into one band that played the music I wanted to play. That is why I quit Poor Man’s Whiskey, along with my other side projects, and formed Huckle.”


“Central Oregon Dating”

An afternoon stroll through downtown Bend reveals the sort of Norman Rockwell scene one might expect from a small mountain town. Moms pushing empty strollers, dads carrying red-faced youngsters on their shoulders, and a Bernese Mountain Dog walking alongside because the family just couldn’t bear to keep him at home. 


“The Sound of Music”

Since the birth of our nation, music has helped to define—and bring color to—the cities and towns that make up our country. Fife and drum corps in Boston provided the soundtrack to the American Revolution while San Francisco’s hippie bands illuminated the 1960’s cultural revolution.